Daiana Lou

Urban Street Rock

Daiana Mingarelli and Luca Pignalberi are the faces and souls hidden behind DAIANA LOU. A love story that has been able to combine two different musical paths, creating an original style thanks to the strong contrast of their artistic characters. The duo is composed of Luca, playing the guitar, kick and hi-hat at the same time, creating acid blues harmonies and explosive rhythmic pulsations and of Daiana's voice ranges from the whisper to powerful and groovy melodies following Luca ́s rhythm by playing the snare.

They started in Rome as street musicians and, with the help of the feedback they received in international bidding, decided to test the German square during a Berlin holiday, which in a short time became the basis of their business as buskers. In Germany, there was an immediate rise in consensus. Alternating with their street performances, they played many prestigious live events such as the Melodica Festival Berlin. On September 2016 Alvaro Soler chose them as one of the three bands for the tenth edition of X-Factor Italy, which allowed the duo to become known by the general public. During the fourth live show, Daiana Lou decided to verbalize their feelings about the artistic difficulty to adapt to the dynamics of that TV media format demonstrating their true and sincere emotions as human beings who simply want to make Music. Left behind the TV experience, they started to work in the studio to record the first album "STREETHERAPY" which is the summary of all the happenings of the years before.

The duo started promoting the album by themeselves playing all around the streets of Italy, clubs and festivals. 

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